The workshops to be organised are starting to take shape. 

There will be workshops about:

  • Creating from your feelings with various materials
  • Raku (a ceramic technique)
  • Ceramics
  • Working with structures in clay and on canvas
  • Photography

In the meantime, the ceramics studio has been completed and the finishing touches are being put on the Raku technique.

Workshop “Creating from your feelings

In this workshop, we make a sculpture (in the flat plane or in 3D, as you prefer) in which we are guided by your own feelings. These two sculptures are made with this in mind, both of them happen to be spatial.

The dates for this workshop, which will last 5 days, will be determined by the number of participants. There is room for 4 participants.

Costs: € 995,- per person, including accommodation in our guesthouse, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

More info and registration via the contact form!

Workshop “Working with structures”

In this workshop, structures of all kinds and materials, also and especially from the immediate surroundings, are used to decorate your work and to give it a look. The format is as follows:

Day 1: Arrival and introduction
Day 2: 9:30 – 10:00 walk-in. At 10:00 we start making the basic form out of clay. We will make at least 2 forms, one will be fired in raku, the other in pitfire. The form can be a dish or tableau.
In the afternoon, we apply structures to our forms.
Day 3: Painting with structures on canvas, 8 different experiments
Day 4: Making a large painting
Day 5: The clay is baked bisquit. We apply glaze and start raku firing. We also light the pitfire and fill it with our work; it needs to burn for 24 hours!
Day 6: Empty the pitfire and clean the pieces. Review of the workshop
Day 7: Departure

Costs: € 995,- per person, all-in. Maximum 4 participants.
More info and registration via the contact form!