Atelier Ennadien

Ennadien Blink is a versatile artist. In the Netherlands, she mainly made art for her own puppet theatre – and that of others such as sets and, of course, the puppets. After finishing the theatre, she continued those skills in the form of sculptures, which can be admired in the Sculpture Garden, and in the form of paintings.

Coming to Burgundy, where traditionally a lot of ceramics are made, she took up that too. She now makes various works, which are different from what most ceramists do.

She has also continued to develop in glass art, especially glass fusion. This is because these works are very suitable to be placed outside, where sunlight can play in them. And glass is not affected by the weather, so it can stand or hang outside summer and winter.

Ennadien also enjoys sharing her workshops with others, but these will not be step-by-step courses. Guests, or course participants, or fellow users, are expected to get creative themselves, in which Ennadien can help them in the so-called Open Ateliers. Occasionally, workshops will be organised, in which a number of techniques will be reviewed. Participants in these workshops can stay overnight in our gîte during multi-day workshops.



Glass fusion