Open Workshop

Always wanted to do something creative, but not sure what?

Then come to Ennadien’s Open Studio!
There are various possibilities, including painting, clay, working with fabric and wool. Anything goes, there’s plenty in the studio.
Another possibility is to sit behind a potter’s wheel! There is only room for one participant for this.
We are open from Monday to Thursday from half past two to four, with run-out until five. There is a maximum of four people in a group, so it remains personal.
During your work (if desired), our in-house photographer (Fokke) will take photos, which will be sent to you afterwards! This way, you have an extra memory of a fun day.

Prefer to get an impression of the possibilities first? Then come and have a look on Sunday afternoon, when we will be open for that (too)!

We hope to see you there!

Is there still room on your preferred day? Check it on the calendar below and book your spot!

To use the Open Atelier, a card for 5 visits are on sale for €125, entitling you to come five times. This price does not include materials.
If coming five times is too much, it is also possible to come once. The costs are then €35

Costs of materials (estimate, also depending on what you want):

Clay: €5,-
Glaze: €5,-
Raku firing: € 15,-
Fired pottery for raku: bring your own or buy from us for prices between €3,- and €10,- each.
Painting with structures: € 20,-

Would you also like instruction? That is possible but costs € 10,- extra

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