Who are we?

We are Ennadien Blink and Fokke de Boer.

Ennadien is a visual artist, and until recently worked as a theatre maker, mainly for toddlers. Because her theatre company could not continue because of Corona, it was closed down and she and Fokke started a new adventure in France: being a performing artist! In this, techniques from “the old days” are used again (painting with structures, working with wool, with paper strips) but they find their way into new expressions, such as sculptures and paintings. In addition, she has rediscovered ceramics and makes various types of ceramics. A nice detail is that ceramics has been important in this region since time immemorial (until thousands of years ago).

Fokke was a chemistry teacher at a secondary school, but is now retired, and enjoys the chemistry of ceramics, and of course the beautiful landscape here. His photography hobby has been reinvigorated here, and he tries to capture the animals that live here, as well as the wonderful landscape.